Decorating is all finished and ready to be viewed by all the trick er' Treater's

Some of my favorite things to do in the house for the Halloween season are putting out my Halloween tree, It is a black feather tree that I made myself to hold all the ornaments I have made. then I have a fancy for the traditional Halloween devils and Krampus, so I always make room somewhere for a small collection of those, and finally I put out a small variety of my Black Cat creations, and a group of Lanterns and luminaries on the dinning table.

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My wall of Fame Room in my house where I display all my Halloween creations.

This is between two and three years worth, with a few unsold older items mixed in there in a few places. Going to have to get some more shelving units for next year!  LOL   This picture was taken after returning from my Fall shows so you can imaging just how much more I would have had, but this year sales were pretty satisfying. These are everything I brought back and I will be spending the next couple months uploading them to my online sales shoppes.. Hope you enjoy all this one of a kind Halloween eye candy!
I create my Halloween creations in five basic series.
 V.I.P.s  are vintage inspired projects
Haunting Tyme   series is Halloween art incorporating clocks.
Halloween Shine Tyme series are all my Lanterns and Luminaries.
GrinnSnickers are a special line of Halloween creature sculptures.
GrimmSnickle series are pose-able Halloween dolls.

Handmade One of a kind Halloween Creations!

 I have been very busy creating and loading up my online stores with all sorts of goodies for your Candle Halloween flicker flame night light candle, and tree more of my popular wall witch hanging decorations.. Check them all out at my Etsy shoppe!   Or you may click on the image to go view that particular item,,,, Thank you for zooming by!

Handmade One of a Kind Black Americana Independence Day Uncle Sam Doll

 His head, hands, and boots are hand sculpted from paper clay. Attached to a rigid foam board for his torso which allows him to sit up right nicely. His head bends and rotates for posing. His arms and legs are jointed and pose-able. His costume has been designed by me and sewn from reclaimed fabrics. What a nice addition to anyone's Black Americana decor! He is the leader of the "Rag Time Band " in the Independence Day Parade.. He is available now in my E-bay Store, just click on an image to travel to his auction to read the details and see more pictures if you like...
Measures approx 24" tall
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One of a Kind Uncle Sam Handmade Doll

Here is another one of my pose-able dolls. He is a Happy Uncle Sam Parade Drummer doll. He is sculpted from polymer clay. His head articulates, and his arms and legs are gently pose-able so you can display him in numerous positions. I have just made him available for bidding at my Ebay shoppe, and you can click on his image to travel to his auction to read more details about him or view more pictures of him..
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OOAK Handmade Wooden Peg Jointed Folk Art Uncle Sam Doll

Another one of my wooden folk art dolls has arrived at my Etsy Shoppe just in time for the Fourth of July Holiday. He is a primitive styled all wooden carved doll, with just a little paper clay added for his face features. You can visit his sale to read more about him and view the other pictures I have of him simply by clicking on his images below.
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OOAK Handmade Izanna Walker Inspired Miss Patriotism Doll

 Fashioned and inspired by Izanna Walker's aged old doll making style. This little sweetie is all done up in her festive Fourth of July colors, and all ready to come join the rest of your Americana collection of handmade one of a kind Holiday treasures. She is active for sale right now at my Ebay Shoppe, and you can click on her picture to travel to the site and read more details and view more pictures of her. I hope you enjoy seeing her and thank you for stopping by!

Handmade OOAK Vintage Styled Patriotic Uncle Sam and Cannon Wagon Pull Toy

Here is my finished Fourth of July Pull Toy. It is dear ole Mr. Uncle Sam riding along on his cannon wagon getting ready to blast off his big Holiday Parade. He is sculpted by hand from paper clay, the cannon is PVC with paper mache added onto it, the wagon is mixed mediums of wood and paper clay. He is all done in red, white, and blue for your Holiday decor. What a delight he would be to add to your Americana collection.
 He is available for purchase at my Etsy shoppe which you can access by clicking on his picture to read more details and view more photos of him...
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Come join in the fun at our new  location!
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